Merry Christmas Everyone!!


crue denney


better late than never right?


{ Merry Merry Christmas }

This was the first year that i didn't get around to making a Christmas card!
after feeling a little guilty about it, I decided to put this together
really fast. So Merry Christmas to everyone!


Halloween Bash

Once again we had our Halloween Bash and it turned out great!
We ended up getting some pictures of the food before
it was picked apart. Thanks to all that help every year!
It's a long busy day, but well worth it in the end.

 I had to put these cute little princess's in...


so i realize that it has been quite a while since my last post, but my computer
took a dive and i started using a different camera
that i thought would just be easier to carry around, but it turns out
that it sucks to get the pictures off!!

so in the past 3 months the only exciting thing that has
happened is that Dane turned 2 last month! he had such a fun
birthday party & i even make cute little building block cakes!
maybe one day i will be able to post the pictures.

the kids got a new swing set a couple of weeks ago and that has been
heaven for me! i love that they are big enough to finally just
go out and play together. it's a busy time of year
with all the yard work that needs to be done and the little projects that seem
to come up always! 

i was taking some pics of my darling little nieces and decided to grab a couple
of my little one's. so enjoy!


Happy Birthday Ava

Happy Birthday to my little girl! 4 years old seems so big!
Ava had a princess party (of course) and had
a good time.

Thanks to all that made it.


that time of year again...

it's crazy how fast time goes by.
it has already been 1 year since our last family photos where taken.
so here are some new ones!

we had them done by racheleve photography.
she did a great job and she had really good pricing.


Another "Spooktacular" Halloween

Halloween has come and gone again...
here are some of the pics form this years festivities.


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